Warranty and Return

Warranty and Return

Serenadebikes Standard Warranty Policy

Effective Support Across Europe:

With teams in China and Spain, Serenadebikes ensures efficient after-sales support for European customers, eliminating geographical inconveniences for local service access.

Product Eligibility:

This warranty policy covers all products within the Road, MTB (Mountain Bike), and Gravel series rims & Wheelsets. To identify your product series, utilize the filters available on our website.

Warranty Duration:

Customers are entitled to a 2-year warranty starting from the purchase date.

Warranty Conditions:

  1. Immediate Post-Purchase Period:

    For manufacturing defects identified within the first 30 days from the received date, Serenadebikes commits to replace the rim(s) and cover the associated shipping costs.

  2. Extended Warranty Coverage:

    If a manufacturing defect is identified after 100 days and up to 2 years from the purchase date, Serenadebikes will replace the rim(s), with the customer responsible for shipping costs.

  3. Product Upgrades:

    At Serenadebikes' discretion, a heavier-duty version of the rim may be provided. In cases where the original rim model is discontinued, an upgrade to the latest equivalent model will be offered at no additional charge.

  4. Warranty Non-transferability:

    The Standard Warranty program is exclusive to the original purchaser and is not transferable.

  5. Claim Period for Replacements:

    Any issues with a warranty replacement product must be reported within 7 days of receipt. Failure to do so will result in the claim being considered resolved. The warranty period is calculated from the original purchase date and does not restart with the receipt of a replacement rim.

Exclusions from Warranty Coverage:

  1. Improper Handling:

    Issues arising from incorrect assembly or maintenance, especially maintenance carried out by unauthorized technicians.

  2. Incompatible Use:

    Installation of non-original parts, accessories, or tires not intended for compatibility with the sold rims/wheels.

  3. External Damage:

    Damage or failures caused by accidents, misuse, exposure to excessive heat (for example, from being too close to vehicle exhaust), non-adherence to usage specifications set by the manufacturer, or other similar incidents.

  4. Component Usage:

    Utilization of straight gauge spokes is not covered.

  5. Non-Brand Wheel-Building:

    Issues with spokes, nipples, or wheel-building are not covered unless the wheel(s) were assembled by Serenadebikes. If you encounter a wheel-building issue on a Serenadebikes-built wheel, please reach out to us.

  6. Wear and Tear:

    Normal wear and tear parts, including but not limited to spokes, nipples, pawls, bearings, rim tape, decals, and stickers.

  7. Warranty Claims Submission:

    To initiate a warranty claim, send photos and a description of the issue to the provided contact information.

Contact Details for Orders and Warranty Claims:

Reach out to us at order@serenadebikes.com for order placements or to initiate warranty claims, including the provision of photographic evidence and a detailed account of the issue encountered.

By adhering to this policy, Serenadebikes aims to provide exemplary product support and maintain high customer satisfaction levels, reinforcing the quality and reliability of our product offerings.